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Jazz-Singer Songwriter MARTHA D. LEWIS explores the issue of humanity being replaced by machines on new Single
‘A.i Man’  Releasing 14.10.2022 

Single Information

Artist: Martha D. Lewis
Single: A.i. man’ (Artificial Intelligent Man – Radio Edit)
Release date: 14 October 2022
Track Time: 4.34
Genre: indie, art-pop, social message
Performed in: English
Artist’s Roots: British Cypriot
From the album: ALL THAT YOU SEE (released April 8 2022)
Label: Budd :: Distribution UK + Worldwide: Cadiz Music
SPECIAL NOTES: Recorded at Real World Studios.
Mixed by: Stephen W Tayler (Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, Peter Gabriel ).
Publicist: UK and International Angie Lemon PR: angie@angielemonpr.com

‘A.i. man’ Single Released by. Jazz Singer Songwriter Martha D Lewis
Taken from the album ALL THAT YOU SEE

As one of the main narrative-driven songs it spotlights a zeitgeist issue: The replacement of humanity by machines. Martha ponders the question ‘ if every A.i. man is programmed by humans and we also programming human responses..does this mean they have a soul?’  Martha sings;

“You’re the man-made man to take my place / Programmed by humanity / Flesh and blood and copper wires / Artificiality and Grace”

“I’m here for you, to see you through, an algorithm choice / You’ll see me through your camera eyes / And I’ll fine tune your voice”.

Martha D. Lewis has an impressive career as a singer-songwriter and storyteller. Starting her journey with creative partner, Eve Polycarpou in the acclaimed music-comedy duo ‘Donna and Kebab’ in 1990’s (then later the song writing duo ‘Martha and Eve’), Martha has spread her solo songwriter and composer wings over the last 20 years, composing for film, theatre and for radio , as well as for her ‘live’ jazz-world ensemble . Martha has also presented BBC Radio Documentaries  as well as a Globally released feature-film documentary in 2014  ‘My Sweet Canary’ .

Martha says in her own words;

“After a vast and varied musical journey in the last 2 decades I returned to song writing in 2018 with a flurry of social – political songs about the world around us. ‘A.i. man’ is one such song as ‘fully automated walk-out convenience stores’  begin to spring up in London our elders cannot park their cars in the car park without the use of a smartphone”. 

The song ‘A.i. man’ itself has first class-recording technology applied to it at Real World Studios which is recognised to be one of the world’s best recording studios. ‘A.i. man’ was mixed by Stephen W. Tayler (Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Kate Bush) and recorded by an all-star cast with producer and Ian Matthews (Kasabian) on drums, bassist Nick Cohen, Aidan Glover on keyboards, Leon Stenning on guitar and .

ALL THAT YOU SEE is Martha’s sixth album and is “ a story of angst and losing faith, healing and gaining hope” as MARTHA says.

‘A.i man’ is a song of our times with an edgy mix that has a strong narrative and vocals by Martha D. Lewis and is her personal favourite song on ALL THAT YOU SEE.

‘A.i. Man’ releases through Budd on 14 October 2022 to coincide with A.i. Week 2022.

Running from the 10th to 14th October, World AI Week will see 15,000+ people from 160+ countries worldwide descend on Amsterdam for the planet’s only week dedicated to the global AI ecosystem.


“Martha D Lewis is a  UK-Cypriot singer and songwriter Martha D Lewis stands out from the ‘female jazz vocalist’ crowd  is a woman with something to say, and a powerful way of saying it. Well worth your attention and your pocket money”. JAZZWISE

“ Listen to this tender record, full of vulnerable, beautiful songs and  you will discover a great singer who, surrounded by competent musicians, gives an insight into the vulnerable sides of her own life and at the same time shows herself to be combative as she embraces life with all its emotions …” Rootstime

“ALL THAT YOU SEE is an expansive and engaging album put together by an interesting musician, singer and songwriter with a lot to say and an interesting way of doing it.” Fatea

“… the perfect mix of singer/songwriter and jazz.” Sandy Shore, Founder SmoothJazz.com

 “Superb song writing, profound lyrics, incredible musicianship from Martha D. Lewis”. DJ Ritu, A World In London

“… an intriguing new approach for Martha’s cutting-edge new album, ALL THAT YOU SEE” Music Arena GH

“…full, dark voice and the accompaniment of an evident mixture of a friendly (soft) rock and a pinch of blues feeling , art pop,  jazz bar elements. Kate Bush in low pitch? Stevie Nicks as Lounge – Pop-Chanteuse?” Westzeit

“Haunting lyrics and captivating performances.. an emotional gem that inspires, motivates, and reminds us that there is always hope.” Music + Gear

Recording Information

Musicians on A.i.Man
Martha D. Lewis: ALL Vocals
Nick Cohen: Producer and Bass
Aidan Glover: Hammond Organ Piano + Rhodes
Leon Stenning: Guitar
Ian Matthews: Drums

Written by: Martha D. Lewis with Mike Willis
Recorded: Real World Studios
Mixed by: Stephen W. Tayler (Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Phil Collins, Kate Bush)
Drums by: Ian Matthews (Kasabian)

Design for A.i.Man cover: Janice Reed and Carole Lucas .

Martha D. Lewis Online:
Website: https://marthalewis.co.uk/about/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMarthaDLewis
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6AFHo5NpCHc4GEXc8w3LXT

Publicity UK + International Angie Lemon PR: angie@angielemonpr.com