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UK JAZZ PLUS shines a spotlight on the exciting and growing genre of Jazz Singer Songwriters.

From diverse ethnic groups comes the emergence of a new band of UK Jazz Singer Songwriters conveying their cultural influences – social-political-economic-ethnic and creating a new hybrid space between jazz and rap, soul, rnb, hip-hop, indie, rock, art-pop. 

UK Jazz Plus was created to capture this energy and provide a platform for these multi-genre artists who elude neat categorisation.

In this special programme for the EFG London Jazz Festival, join us to celebrate the launch of the new home of UK Jazz Plus sessions at Rich Mix with a powerhouse bill of diverse dynamic and engaging artists, re-defining what it means to be a jazz singer today . Homegrown Jazz Singer Songwriters are conveying their cultural influences and creating a new hybrid space between jazz, RnB, soul, pop and indie.

FEATURING Ese & the Vooduu People “a heady stew of improvised rock jazz soul” Xantone Blacq “captures the tradition of great groove”  Charlotte Lansman “a commanding poetic jazz songstress” Martha D Lewis “a perfect mix of jazz sensibilities and art-pop”

Event Date: 11 November 2023 for EFG London Jazz Festival

Event title: UK Jazz Plus Sessions – New Storytelling in Jazz

Venue :  Rich Mix

35‑47 Bethnal Green Road London, E1 6LA

EFG London Jazz Fest
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